House rules

“Meanwhile, in the physical world, the Ahroun and the Theurge run for the toilet”

Rite of passage – effects on character gen

Characters start the game partaking in there rite of passage. As cubs characters are “without tribe” which means you do not start with your tribal gift. ( you will get it at completion of the rite) you will also have no pack totem. ( thought you can put points aside for it, for after your rite) You can pick which heritage you come and which tribe you expect to join and follow there guidance for backgrounds.

Renown. In a fit of generosity I am going to let you have Rank one starting renown after you complete the rite + renown for deeds in play. Don’t say I never give you anything.

Pack tactics. You start knowing no pack tactics ideally you will develop some in the course of the first story.


I am going to award renown for ‘wiki deeds’ such as character sheet maintenance, adventure write ups etc. I will note on appropriate wiki sections as to the amounts earned and offered Renown will be tracked and totaled on a ‘per story’ basis. Unless I say otherwis.

Kailindo Klaviskar, Iskakku

I like them so they will be in the campaign still looking at my options for these ( currently using material from revised edition see Ways of War

Tracking Exp and Renown

I will make comments on the adventure log where appropriate. But each character will also have a GM + player section for Renown and for Exp.

Unspecified Renown

For some wiki deeds I will award unspecified renown, during downtime you can ‘convert it’ into renown of a type you want, by describing some down ‘event’ that would justify earning the renown

Temporary Renown over 10

Normally the renown track stops at 10 and temporary renown over that is lost when a ‘Rite of accomplishment’ is performed.
I don’t like that, instead renown over 10 will be converted in a ratio of 2 for 1 for the first 4 points and 3 for 1 for the later points, rounded down. and be applied to temporary renown after the rite. Renown is awarded for deeds, so if you can make the time IC, there is nothing to stop you trying to get someone to perform the rite of accomplishment part way through the story.

House rules

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