Werewolf opening

Blood and Rage

Intro to the Campaign

This is part of a trio of classic WOD 20th anniversary campaigns each run by a different GM but based around a shared world.

  • “Blood and Rage”: is my Werewolf campaign focusing around a newly formed pack of Garou and starting with there Rite of passage. The index for the campaign is here
  • Vampire: The Cursed Orphanage is the V20 campaign. (wiki still in development) It is focused around a coterie of neonate vampires who have been sent into exile after there sires have been executed.
  • Ars Modernica Mono-Tradition Mage campaign. A group of newly-graduated Hermetic magi sent to reopen a daughter Covenant that has mysteriously fallen out of contact.

Special thanks to Wolfhound whose freely shared CSS in and campaign Werewolf Auld Langs syne inspired me to develop this wiki.

Current Status

Story: The Wedding Crashers, in progress

Next game: currently playing Vampire cursed orphanage, next werewolf game Feb 2015

Werewolf - Blood and Rage

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