Werewolf opening

Blood and Rage

Intro to the Campaign

This is part of a trio of classic WOD 20th anniversary campaigns each run by a different GM but based around a shared world.

  • Blood and Rage is my Werewolf campaign focusing around a newly formed pack of Garou and starting with there Rite of passage.
  • Vampire: The Cursed Orphanage is the V20 campaign. (wiki still in development) It is focused around a coterie of neonate vampires who have been sent into exile after there sires have been executed.
  • Ars Modernica Mono-Tradition Mage campaign. A group of newly-graduated Hermetic magi sent to reopen a daughter Covenant that has mysteriously fallen out of contact.
Current Status
Rite of passage complete. _ next story in preparation

Next game: Ars Modernica

Werewolf - Blood and Rage

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