Lightning Claw


weapon (melee)

Silver str +2 agg, unsoakable to werewolves

The forge pattern along the spine of the blade resembles a stroke of lightning. The war glyphs inscribed around it honour the thunderbolt spirit bound to the klaive.


This klaive was forged generations ago in the homelands of the Fianna. Stories tell of a powerful pack of Black Spiral Dancers trying to defile an umbral glade. A battle erupted as a Fianna pack tried to stop them. The defenders of Gaia fought well, but where close to being overwhelmed by summoned Banes. Then the tide turned back in Gaia’s favour as a local storm spirit, incensed by the intended desecration, joined the fray unasked. He hurled his lightning; burning, blinding and confusing the Wyrmspawn. The Banes where destroyed and the Black Spirals fled back to material world. When the Fianna theurge asked how they could repay the spirit, all it asked was a chance to pursue the Black Spirals out of the umbra and smite them again. In pursuit of this worthy goal, the Spirit agreed to empower a Klaive so that its wrath might smite wyrmspawn through out the Tellurian.

Recorded History

Lightning Claw was bought to the New World by the Breton Fianna warrior Patrice Heart Striker.
He succumbed to the frozen north and the wrath of the Wendigo. For a time the Klaive was a cherished prize of that tribe eagerly turned on the Wyrmcommer Garou. It fell out of Garou hands during the late 19th century when its last wielder was tricked and defeated by that most treacherous of Wyrmspawn a Vampire. The Vampire took the Klaive into its collection for study or prehaps the simple need to possess that which is rare. It soon passed through the hands of a number of there kind as either a bribe or prize untill the late 1970s ; when the Metis Garou known as “The DominĂ³”, master thief of the Frankwielers, liberated it along with its then owners art collection. Already a master fencer The DominĂ³ defeated those who considered him unworthy of the blade adding the skills of klaviskar to his repertoire. He wielded Lightning Claw until the day came to leave on a grand umbral quest from which he did not expect to return. Before he left he passed the blade to his apprentice Marlow whom he had trained in anticipation of his departure. It remains to be seen if the cub can add to the blades legend or stain it with infamy.

It’s new master first raised the blade in anger in [[Rite of passage 4th session: Blood and Ice | Rite of passage 4th session: Blood and Ice]] when he was challenged to a duel by Ice Dagger a wendigo ahroun angered that a ‘twisted urrah’ would hold such a blade. Marlow was victorious.

Lightning Claw

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