Evermeal or ‘Mouldy Grail'

A trash can that replenishes food.


Any empty food packaging placed in this trash can ( wrappers, bottles, cans) is refilled with fresh hot food. The packaging of expensive food is refilled with cheap but delectable alternatives. Each set of wrappers can only be refilled once. The second time it is thrown in, it moulders away or breaks.


Located in Central Park this Bonegnawer artifact is believed to be a diminished remnant of the Caerns glory days as a caern of the Wyld. In those days the Caern have had an an artifact that drew on the caern to create sumptuous food. As the caern aspect changed the power of the artifact diminished, when the silver fangs moved out the apparently non functional artifact was thrown away into a trash can in the park. Altered but not gone its essence empowered the trash can turning it into the ‘Mouldy Grail’. If the ’can is ever removed from the park or destroyed another ’can is empowered on the next full moon.

Evermeal or ‘Mouldy Grail'

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