Taint Bane

A minor bane born of spiritual polloution


Taint Banes are a lowly form of bane made from corrupt spiritual residue. Often they are created by Harvester Banes who concentrate low levels of spiritual pollution till a bane forms. The form of these banes reflects the kind of spiritual pollution that gave them birth. The Harvester Bane at the Kings Brewery office was creating Taint banes out of the atmosphere of misogyny, malice and greed ofThe King’s Men which looked like reflective oozing masses of tarry coffee and smelt of stale cigarettes. Taint banes work to promote and increase the spiritual pollution that birthed them, acting in an horrific feedback cycle. They are occasional used as guards by other more dominant wyrm minions, or as fetish and talen components where they are a great aide in producing or manipulating the emotions and attitudes that gave them form. They are typical y too weak to materialize or possess except in circumstances where there birthing ‘taint’ is exceptionally strong in both the region and there victim.


Taint Bane

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