"Spot Light"


Tribe: Red Talon
Auspice: Ahroun
Rank: Fostern

Warder of the Sept of the Green


Bad luck and poor timing brought ‘Spotlight’ to the Central Park zoo. Though he does not admit it; fear of passing through the city kept him from leaving. Mother Larissa saw a use for the young Ahroun, a warrior who unlike other sept members, saw every day as a journey into hostile territory, who could see the dangers in ordinary human beings who passed through the bawn; so she recruited him into the Sept’s defence. Underneath his blunt ways and and rage at humanity is a Wolf of honour; true to the litany in a way rare among any breed. As wretched as the Sept of the Green can seem to him , it is still a Caern and Caerns much be protected, despite there filth and there Man ways, the sept elders are still Elders to be obeyed on there territory. He refers to Mother Larrisa ( and on occasion other Sept Elders) as ‘Dominant one’ which is known to irk her. No one is quite sure if he has simply failed to notice this or weather there is a glimmer of a sense of humour beneath the Rage and the honour.

Demeanour: Spotlight is always on edge, always ready for war.

Currently acting as a part time Mentor for Grey Paw offering advice as a Lupus in the city

"Spot Light"

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